The Corporate Compliance Department came into being in response to the needs of companies and organizations that are addressing growth in an orderly and responsible way. The development of plans for regulatory compliance is not just an indicator of good business health, but also a hallmark of good business know-how, which is both recognized and recognizable in the market.

Before implementing any regulatory compliance plan, we get to know the client, understand its needs and, after an exhaustive analysis, we design a specific plan that is perfectly adapted and tailored to the client’s circumstances, situation and relevant legislation, providing valuable information that will help in the expansion of its business.

Corporate Compliance

Contextualization, Analysis, Design and Implementation of regulatory compliance programs (Corporate Compliance Plan), including both the model for crime prevention, and the model for analysis and prevention of the risks arising from three fundamental areas: Reputational, Operational and Criminal.

• Creation and start-up of the Official Complaints Channel (Speak Up).
• Personnel and Compliance Officer training.
• Advice for the Compliance Officer.
• Auditing.

Prevention of Money Laundering (PML)

• Analysis and Design of the PML regulatory compliance program (Prevention Manual).
• Advice to the OCI.
• Training of personnel and OCI.

Privacy (General Data Protection Regulation)/ LSSI (Information Society Services Law)

• Contextualization, Impact Analysis/Assessment, Design and Implementation of the Plan for Adaptation to the GDPR.
• Adaptation to the Information Society Services Law.
• Advice for the Data Protection Officer. DPO.
• Personnel and DPO training.
• Auditing.

Corporate Social Responsibility

• Contextualization, Impact Analysis, Design of the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.
• Advice to the Head of CSR in the Organization (Annual Report).
• Personnel and Head of CSR training.
• Auditing.


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