Reports and Technical assessments

  • Experience and prestige are our letter of introduction as independent experts in the resolution of disputes in economic-financial, accounting and tax matters. Our clear, solid and accurate reports and expert appraisals as a key for success in any proceeding.
  • Assistance as independent experts in the resolution of disputes and judicial or extrajudicial conflicts of economic and financial nature, through the issuance of companies’ valuation reports, related-party transactions, cost-sharing agreement or expert appraisals.
  • Reports related to lawsuits for quantity claims, corporate and economic crimes.
  • Wide experience in the preparation and defense of reports on tax crimes.
  • Proof of the economic causes alleged in labor procedures.


Money Laundering

  • Specialized services in the prevention, detection and investigation of corporate and financial fraud.
  • Assessment of compliance with regulations against corruption, fraud and money laundering.
The firm

Garrido is a multidisciplinary firm with a track record of than 30 years of excellency and commitment.

Firm of choice for business law in Spain, we deliver a tailored service with excellency as our brand mark.

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