Our team of professionals supports ailing companies, whether they are sole proprietors or partnerships, with their knowledge and experience, providing advice and helping them implement business decisions in insolvency situations.

Insolvency Law
  •  Viability plans for companies in their refinancing before the banking pool and, where appropriate, application for the relevant approval before the judicial authority.
  •  Processing of employment regulation proceedings in insolvency and pre-insolvency proceedings.
  •  Notification of the insolvency situation to the judicial authority.
  •  Management of voluntary insolvency proceedings before the Commercial Court.
  •  Preparation of proposals for composition and their negotiation with creditors.
  •  Ancillary claims contesting lists of creditors and/or lists of assets and rights, and defence, if any, on behalf of the debtor.
  •  Application for insolvency proceedings.
  •  Drawing up plans and prospectuses for the sale and acquisition of production units in insolvency proceedings.
  •  Holding the position of CRO (Chief Restructuring Officer) by appointment by the company itself or by consensus with creditors.


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