Garrido is permanently interested in incorporating the best young talent. Young people with an excellent education and passion for client service are welcome in our firm. This is what you will find when you come and work for us:


  • A career development plan with training
  • A professional career close to the client
  • A good working environment in which fellowship prevails over any individual objective
  • A work-life balance, with a reasonable timetable and free Friday afternoons
Professional project
We are a law firm offering comprehensive legal and tax advice that, thanks to a tailor-made treatment and innovative and effective solutions for our clients, has become a worldwide renowned company. During our more tan 30 years of existence, we have created a long-term relationship with our clients based on trust in our technical excellence, commitment and credibility. Having outstanding professionals in all fields of law allows us to teach multidisciplinary teams committed to providing a comprehensive and high-quality legal service to our clients. Our team goes beyond legal advice, becoming like a partner of our clients.

The high quality of the Garrido team is our main asset to provide the highest quality legal services to our clients. Its training, initiative, honesty, commitment and dedication to service are its main qualities. The professional and personal satisfaction of this human team is our priority.

Garrido is committed to the professional development in an environment of high technical quality, team spirit and dedication to customer service.

Value proposal
At Garrido, our main goal is to develop all our lawyers’ aspects, including technical and human quality, customer service and teamwork. The goal is to create a team made up of highly trained lawyers with management and communication skills and the ability to work as a team to carry out all kind of operations for the most demanding clients.

To that end, Garrido offers its lawyers:

  • An environment where excellence is highly appreciated. A great investment in legal and management training.

  • An adapted development of the lawyer in which his/her current training and experience is valued in order to establish a plan for improvement and development.

  • A Career Plan organized by goals and assessments serves as a reference for the lawyer’s growth.

  • A solid plan in legal training and in other skills the lawyer may have to become an excellent professional, monitored by partners and managers.

  • Internships
    Garrido strongly believes that private agents must provide graduates the access to the labor market. Garrido is committed with young lawyers who begin their professional career in law firms. Therefore, in collaboration with the main educational institutions in the country, it offers graduates and master’s degree students an internship program.

    A high percentage of the students who, each year, do the internship, is eventually hired by the Firm.

    Professional profile
    Bachelor of Laws or double degree that includes a law degree, with a double Master’s degree, English, commitment with quality, vocation for customer service, imagination, teamwork, are some of the characteristics of the team members of Garrido.
    Garrido Training Plan
    We need great technical and management skills to achieve an excellent service. At Garrido we have developed a training program in order to get the best development of our professionals.

    A program that is organized in three phases:

  • Welcome Intensive training in the culture, values and procedures of the firm, together with an individualized analysis of the training needs of every professional.

  • A period of intense technical training in order to meet the firm’s knowledge objectives.

  • Permanent training made up of deep-dive and update sessions together with specific management and business development units.

  • Send your CV
    If you are interested in Garrido internship program, or if you want to enter our database for future recruitment processes, or if you want to apply for any of our open positions, send your résumé through the form below.


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      The firm

      Garrido is a multidisciplinary firm with a track record of than 30 years of excellency and commitment.

      Firm of choice for business law in Spain, we deliver a tailored service with excellency as our brand mark.

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