We provide procedural advice to both companies and individuals in all types of proceedings in all jurisdictions, stages of proceedings and arbitration courts.

After studying each case in detail, we prepare the most suitable procedural strategies suggesting the most appropriate solution or solutions for each case. We work closely with our clients, always seeking their economic interest and optimum efficiency, without rejecting alternative solutions or amicable settlements in order to solve the conflict.

Obligations and contracts
  • Termination, rescission and nullity.
  • Contractual and tort liability.
  • Contract validity, interpretation and enforcement.
Property rights and land registry law
  • Actions against the General Direction of Registries and Notary Affairs.
  • Actions to recover personal property and other rights in property.
Family and inheritance law
  • Division of an estate.
  • Separation, divorce, dissolution and liquidation of a community property marriage.
  • Guardianship and legal custody of minor children.
  • Voluntary jurisdiction proceedings.
Commercial jurisdiction
  • Proceedings to contest corporate agreements, shareholders’ agreements and shareholders conflicts.
  • Directors’ liability proceedings.
  • Unfair competition, industrial and intellectual property and advertising law.
  • National and international arbitration proceedings before the ICC, CIMA, Spanish Court of Arbitration and other national courts, as well and assistance in ad hoc proceedings.


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Garrido is a multidisciplinary firm with a track record of than 30 years of excellency and commitment.

Firm of choice for business law in Spain, we deliver a tailored service with excellency as our brand mark.

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