Iván Sánchez Arbáizar

Iván Sánchez is a graduate in Law from Burgos University, M-OB specialist in Compliance and Lead Auditor ISO 27.001. He joined Garrido Abogados in 2014, where, he is responsible for the department of Regulatory Compliance (Prevention of Money Laundering, Data Protection, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Compliance) and he also leads the department of Criminal Proceedings.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Law from Burgos University.
  • M-0B specialist in Compliance. ISO-UNE Certification.
  • Lead Auditor ISO 27.001 – SGSI. ISO-UNE Certification.
Professional practice
  • Representation and defence in ICT criminal cases.
  • Regulatory compliance in:
    • Prevention of Money Laundering.
    • Corporate Social Responsibility.
    • Corporate Compliance.
    • Data Protection.
  • English
  • French
Belongs to
  • Member of the Burgos Bar Association.
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