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    Juan Gonzalo Martínez Micó

    Juan Gonzalo Martínez Micó
    1. Área profesional
      1. Tax
    2. Studies
      • Bachelor’s Degree in Law. PhD.
      • Access by public examination to the Military Legal Corps.
    3. Professional experience
      • Judge of the Supreme Court (Courtroom for Contentious Administrative Proceedings).
      • Chief prosecutor of the Courtroom No. 5 of the Supreme Court.
      • General legal advisor of the Ministry of Defence.
    4. Teaching
      • School of legal studies of the Army.
      • Judges training department of the General Judicial Council.
    5. Profesional practice
      • Lawyer.
    6. Languages
      • French and English.
    7. Belongs to
      • Member of the Madrid Bar Association.
      • Member of the Advisory Council of Garrido Abogados.
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