Tax advice is our specialty of origin, so our tax department is the largest one. We offer both, national and international tax advice services, always specialized in of each client’s sector and of the highest quality.

    In fiscal matters, we analyze each operation within the framework of our clients’ business to help them make the best decisions.

    Tax Planning
    • Global tax planning for natural and corporate persons.
    • Design and execution of corporate restructuring operations of all type of companies: Mergers, Spin offs, Swaps, holding structures.
    • Tax advice on business purchases and sale transactions, acquisitions and transfers of companies. Tax Due Diligence reviews. .
    International Tax Planning
    • Trans-frontier taxation of goods and services.
    • Planning of international investments.
    • Taxation of inpatriates and expatriates.
    Transfer Pricing. Related-Party Transactions
    • Analysis, valuation and treatment of related-party transactions
    • Transfer Pricing Documentation.
    • Review, optimization and design of transfer pricing policies (arm’s-length principle).
    • Prior valuation agreements with the Tax Administration
    Tax Procedures
    • Representation and defense in actions of management, inspection and collection before the various Tax Administrations.
    • Verification procedures, planning of defense strategy against a tax inspection.
    • Liability Derivations, deferrals, scheduling and suspension of tax payments.
    Tax Litigation
    • Claims and appeals.
    • Representation and defense in both the economic-administrative and contentious-administrative channels in all instances.
    Customs, Special Taxes and Foreign Trade
    • Management of non-tax documents that must accompany the commercial expeditions (certificates, documents proving origin, etc …)
    • Selection of the optimum logistics and tax operations based on commercial operation.
    • Accurate and timely fulfillment of all customs and export-related formalities.
    • Conciliation of the company’s customs strategy with its overall fiscal strategy.
    • Representation and defense before customs inspections.
    • Special taxes.
    Specialized Tax Advice Areas

    Large companies

    • Consultancy on direct and indirect taxation.
    • Control of closure of tax years and fiscal optimization.
    • Consolidated groups.
    • Business Reestructuring and optimization of the business structure.
    • Transfer pricing.
    • International Tax.

    Family Companies

    • Tax and equity advice and planning for family companies.
    • Business restructuring, organization of the appropriate legal structure in order to optimize the possession and transmission of corporate assets.
    • Planning of the generational transition and family protocols.
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