Outsourcing services

    We help to make our clients competitive by taking on the outsourcing of their employment management, accounting, tax, financial and reporting obligations.

    This allows us to optimize their economic resources and offer the peace of mind that comes from having experts in these business processes.

    Full Financial and Tax Consultancy for SMEs
    • Drawing up of tax returns and assistance with requirements.
    • Accounting services.
    • Employment advice and management.
    BPO. Accounting and financial.
    • Financial Accounting.
    • Monthly closing of accounts.
    • Analytical accounting.
    • Monthly consolidation of financial statements.
    • Drawing up of tax returns.
    BPO. Employment
    • Contracting. Hiring and firing of employees.
    • Payslip Management.
    • Social Security Management.
    Management of Electronic Notifications

    The purpose of our electronic certifications service is to:

    • EEliminate the risks inherent in the management of mailboxes by people, thereby neutralizing the risk associated with the human factor.
    • Eliminate the risk of unmonitored notifications by having the application make scheduled and automated visits to the company’s or natural person’s electronic mailbox.
    • Reduce significantly the costs of the company implementing this system itself, eliminating the costs of licenses, installation, development and maintenance of the IT application.
    • Monitor the notification receipt process and provide a personalized service to our customers.


    Management agency services
    • Incorporation of any type of company.
    • Registration of corporate operations: re-structuring, increases or reductions in capital.
    • Registration of notarial documents and deeds of all kinds.
    • Registration of powers of attorney.
    • Depositing of annual accounts.
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