Joined by business lawyers with a wide experience on corporate transactions, we work closely with our clients during all the transaction process.
    We provide our legal advice on all kind of corporate national and international transactions. Likewise, we also provide legal advice on different kinds of legal agreements typical from the companies day to day, giving a personalized approach to the clients ‘interests, making them ours and turning into a stakeholder.

    • Legal advice on shares and assets purchase agreements (SPAs / APAs);
    • Shareholders agreements, investment contracts, joint ventures or other venture agreements (SHAs / JVA);
    • Non-Disclosure Agreements, Letters of Intents, Memorandums of Understanding (NDAs / LoIs / MoUs);
    • Put and call options over shares or assets;
    • Legal due diligences;
    • Corporate and Company Commercial contracts (distribution, supply, outsourcing agreements, …);
    • General advice on all types of both national and international civil and commercial contracts (agency, distribution, supply, manufacturing, business collaboration, etc …).
    • Real Estate transactions (Share Deals / Assets Deals);
    • Mergers, Spin-offs or other corporate restructurings.

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