Litigation and Arbitration

    We provide legal and procedural advice to companies and individuals in all types of proceedings and before all jurisdictions and courts and arbitration courts.

    After the detailed study of each case, we prepare the optimal procedural strategies, advising the most appropriate solution or solutions to each case. We collaborate closely with our clients, always seeking their economical interest and maximum efficiency, without abandoning the possibility of finding alternative solutions or friendly agreements for conflict resolution.

    Social Responsability Actions
    • Contractual and non-contractual liability.
    • Product liability
    • Civil/Professional liability
    Contract execution and non-execution
    • Leases
    • General contracting conditions.
    • Agency, distribution, concession and franchise.
    • Procedures on validity, interpretation and execution and resolution of civil and commercial contracts.
    • Ownership, possession, transmission and administration of real estate.
    • Nullity of banking products.
    Claims of quantity
    • Payment procedure
    • Collection procedure
    • Execution in Spain of national and foreign judicial and arbitration titles.
    • Personal and real guarantees
    Inheritance and Family Law
    • Marriage and economic matrimonial regimes.
    • Disabilities and guardianships.
    • Objections to testamentary dispositions and judicial partition of inheritances.
    Corporate disputes
    • Disputes between shareholders/partners.
    • Implementation of social contracts.
    • Liability suits against Directors and Managers
    • Impugnación de acuerdos sociales y decisiones del Consejo de Administración.
    Criminal Law
    • Corporate crimes, Corporate Criminal Law.
    • Crimes against equity and against socio-economic order.
    • Money laundering.
    • Crimes against the Public Finance and Social Security Administration.
    • criminal offences against honour and reputation (defamation and slander)
    • Falsification of documents
    • Crimes against industrial and intellectual property.
    • Tax offense.
    • Computer-related crimes
    Bankruptcy Law
    • Legal advice in all the stages of the bankruptcy procedure.
    • Arbitration
    • Managed by the main National Arbitration Courts.
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