Labour and Employment Law

    Our labor and employment department offers to companies, professional organizations, managers and employees a comprehensive service on preventive and corrective solutions in any labor issue that may arise both nationally and internationally.

    Counseling on employment and labor issues is a permanent need for our clients and a priority for our firm. Our labor and employment department offers to companies, professional organizations, managers and employees a comprehensive service on preventive and corrective solutions in any labor contingency that may arise both nationally and internationally.

    Our labor lawyers have a deep knowledge of the business sectors, so they work closely with the clients, understand their business and provide a close and quality legal advice committed to their specific needs.

    Labour Management
    • Payslips, contribution forms, company certificates to request benefits, etc.
    • Study of the wage structure according to the applicable collective agreement.
    • Advice on Social Security contributions and wage effects in Labor force reduction schemes.
    • Proceedings before the Social Security, the Public Employment Service, the Labor Inspection and any other public body.
    Labour Law advice
    • Negotiation of sectorial, company or lower level collective agreements.
    • Advice to Review and Interpretation Committees on collective agreements.
    • Collective dismissals (Labor force reduction scheme).
    • Collective proceedings for suspension of contracts, reduction of working hours, geographical mobility or substantial change of working conditions.
    • Negotiation with corporate representation and trade unions.
    • Early retirement schemes, complementary welfare schemes.
    • Labor due diligence: consistency of working conditions with sectoral, company or workplace collective agreements.
    • Access to work: hiring, modalities, bonuses, damages from breach of promise of hiring, exclusivity, post-contractual non-competition.
    • Recruitment through temporary employment agencies and auxiliary companies.  Risk management of fraudulent hiring and illegal assignment of workers. Corporate successions
    • Work schedule, working hours, shift work, overtime and complementary hours, leaves and holidays. Reductions in working hours due to legal guardianship and types of leave of absence.
    • Salaries, remuneration structures, absorption and compensation, payment in kind, social benefits.
    • Relations with corporate representation: elections, unitary and union representation, guarantees.
    • Flexibility measures: substantial change in working conditions, functional and geographical mobility (relocation and transfer), reduction of working hours and salary.
    • Termination of the employment relationship: sanctions, disciplinary dismissals and dismissal on objective grounds.
    • Expatriates: expatriation conditions, golden parachutes clauses, legal implementation, termination of the employment relationship.Social Security and Unemployment: temporary incapacity, permanent incapacity, unemployment protection, maternity-paternity leaves, widowhood, orphanhood, retirement
    • Special labor relations:
      • Senior management: contracts, golden parachutes, remuneration, management positions, exclusion from agreement, access to management bodies, social security placing, contract termination.
      • Professional athletes: hiring, difficulties and termination of special employment relationship.
    • Occupational risks prevention: management of business risk by our own staff or by a third party, coordination of preventive actions and management of eventual accidents in the administrative and jurisdictional phase
    Legal advice on labor litigation
    • Sanction and disciplinary dismissal.
    • Objective, individual or collective dismissal.
    • Job classification.
    • Vacations, transfers, substantial changes of working conditions, contract suspensions and reduction of working hours.
    • Collective disputes.
    • Social Security (contributions and benefits)
    • Comprehensive advice before the Labor and Social Security Inspectorate and further management of the administrative and judicial procedure regarding infringement reports and social security payment reports.
    • Procedures arose from occupational accidents and illnesses (incapacity, benefits surcharge, claims of damages). Hazardous substances (asbestos).
    • Fundamental rights protection.
    • Damages caused by the company or by the employee (unfair competition, property damage, etc.)


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