Lead by Enrique Benavente, managing partner of Garrido Abogados, from this area we provide tax advice services related to the main jurisdictions worldwide. We also provide global and international tax approach providing to our clients the cost tax efficient alternatives.

    International Tax Planning
    • Restructuring and international transactions planning.
    • Design and execution of international group restructurings.
    • Goods and services cross-border taxation.
    • International investments planning.
    • Expats/Impats tax advice.
    Transfer pricing
    • International transactions
    • Related-Party transactions (arm’s length) within international groups.
    • Advance Pricing Agreements (APAs) in all jurisdictions.
    Customs, special taxes and foreign trade
    • Settlement between companies’ tax customs and global strategies.
    • Customs formalities compliance.
    • Tax design and optimizing of international operational trade flow.
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